What is Battlefield Heroes?

According to Electronic Arts, Battlefield Heroes is download4free, Play4Free, cartoon shooter.
To play the game you visit the BattlefieldHeroes website and hit the big button that says PLAY NOW.That’s right you don’t visit a store you don’t enter your credit card details and you don’t download it on Bit-Torrent, its free.
Battlefield heroes is a cartoon shooter.   This is a type of shooter that focuses on fun, accessibility, and not getting shot in the face, repeatedly, by a swearing, an ultra skilled 15 year old boy who plays the game every day for eight hours.

The game play focuses on things like: shooting the bad guys, using your special abilities, and running over people with a huge, cartoon tank.  Matchmaking means you’ll only be playing against people of your skill level.  And you’ll keep coming back for more because they filled the website with a long running territorial conflict meta game, and a full leveling up and
customizable character system.

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